Mackenzie S.

Tour Guide at Alfred University

Hometown: Macedon, NY

Major: Art & Design

Minor: Art History & Women's Gender Studies


My favorite thing about Alfred is...

the awesome people that make up the community.

My favorite class at Alfred University is...

Renaissance and Baroque art history with Kate Dimitrova! She is an amazing professor and art history is the best subject.

I balance my time between academics, extracurricular and student life by..

writing things down on my whiteboard and putting alerts into my phone. Activities and homework can become confusing if you don't write out what you need to do for the next day.

One piece of advice that I would give to incoming students is..

don't wait until the last minute for anything. Cool opportunities could be missed if you don't plan out your time.

I'm passionate about...

Skateboarding Photography

I'm involved with...

Women's Leadership Academy Womens Rugby
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