Abigail W.

Tour Guide at Alfred University

Hometown: Ligonier, PA

Major: Materials Science and Engineering


My Schedule:

Thursday: 8am, 3:15pm
Friday: 1:15pm

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My favorite thing about Alfred is...

I love the diversity of personalities on campus. I met many different types of people my first year, and soon learned the prominence of inclusivity culture on campus. Basically, "different" or "abnormal" people make up the majority on campus, and everyone can find a group of close knit friends who value his or her uniqueness.

I balance my time between academics, extracurricular and student life by..

I stay on task, focus, and work. Sometimes I have my friends help me stay accountable for my academics by scheduling study sessions with them at specific times. This way I know that I have to study and I can get my work done while spending quality time with others.

One piece of advice that I would give to incoming students is..

Don't be afraid of being a nerd or a teacher's pet. The best results in classes come from the people who go the extra mile when studying and completing assignments.

My favorite class at Alfred University is...

This is a tough one. I've enjoyed most of my classes. I'd have to say I enjoy that directly apply to my major, materials science and engineering. These classes are mentally stimulating, intriguing, challenging, and worthwhile. Most of all, these classes make me love working hard and learning more.

I'm passionate about...

Music Personal Fitness Faith Hiking Ski racing Skiing

I'm involved with...

Ski club Orientation Guide Keramos Professional Fraternity Materials Advantage InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Forest People/Outdoor Club Extreme Sports Club Chemistry Club Alpine Ski Team
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