Rachel P.

Tour Guide at Alfred University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Kenmore, NY

Major: Biology

Concentration: Pre-Veterinary

Secondary Major: Chemistry

My Schedule:

Wednesday 1:15-3:15 PM
Friday 3:15-4:30 PM

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I balance my time between academics, extracurricular and student life by..

Staying organized! I have a white board in my room that I write my schedule on because it’s different every day. If I didn’t look at it daily I would probably show up to the wrong class. I also make sure I write down all my homework assignments and meetings in a planner.

One piece of advice that I would give to incoming students is..

Get involved! Alfred has a huge variety of extracurricular activities so everyone can find something that suits them. Plus, I think joining a club, sports or performing arts group is an easy way to make friends quickly and connect with people who have similar interests as you. These connections make Alfred feel like your second home and the friendships last a lifetime. I joined the tennis team my first year at Alfred. Before classes even started, I met of bunch of awesome people, some of which were first year students like myself and some were upperclassmen. It was great because I always had someone to go to for any questions I had or to just grab dinner with. Getting to know the other girls definitely made me more comfortable and confident.

My favorite thing about Alfred is...

When the dining hall has chocolate mousse. Yum!

I'm passionate about...

Knitting Chocolate Tennis Running Animals

I'm involved with...

Honors Program Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary Tour Guide Supplemental Instructor Teaching Assistant Womens Tennis Team
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