Emma T.

Tour Guide at Alfred University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Accord, NY

Major: Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Secondary Major: Child Psychology

One piece of advice that I would give to incoming students is..

Get involved and enjoy! College is about exploring new things and having wonderful experiences. While adjusting to college life make sure to leave time to be social and active. Studies are important but so is enjoying yourself and making connections is important too.

I balance my time between academics, extracurricular and student life by..

Making sure I have time to relax. I am a part of a small number of clubs and also have a few jobs that take up a lot of my free time. That on top of classes can be exhausting! Everyday, even if it is just an hour, I try to find time to just be outside or in my room in a quiet space to relax and regroup. I also use that time to set up a general schedule to make sure you get everything done. A planner or phone calendar will be your new best friend!

My favorite class at Alfred University is...

Social Foundations of Education. There were students from all sorts of majors in this class with me including art, math, science, Education! It was amazing to learn and work with students who had other interests but all came together to learn how to work with others and teach. We explored many different topics and learned how to create an inclusive environment for students who come from different backgrounds.

My favorite spot on campus is...

Hairpin. It is absolutely beautiful to go up there day or night. Day time you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Alfred while at night you can star gaze as long as you want!!

I'm passionate about...

Elephants Netflix Hiking Singing

I'm involved with...

Honors Program Admissions Resident Assistant Acapella
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